Evolution of the HP17B - prototype to current in pictures


From prototype to current model! Enjoy. Cheers, Keith

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Nice !!!



I kind of liked the looks of the second to last one in the lineup than the current. ;-)


Very nice endeed. You are very lucky to have the prototypes.


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Calculators online (UK) still sell old style 17Bii+. Must say I didn't like it at the time but having not seen on for some time I agree it does now look pretty good. I now have a silver after pouring tea into my trusty pioneer 17Bii which kind of survives in a squishy sort of way.

Link to Calculators online: http://www.calculators-online.co.uk/subCatAction.do?subCategoryId=prodPage&man=Hewlett%20Packard


...after pouring tea into my trusty pioneer 17Bii...

You Brits and your tea. I haven't tried Diet Coke in mine yet.

You miss my clear 17C prototype :-).


Sorry for the bad image, just a quick shot from the phone.

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I think I remember seeing one of these on TAS a few years ago - my bid was far too low from memory! Don't suppose you want to sell it to me Massimo? ;)

My prototype seems to be a very early one - there are a few differences from the final design. The battery compartment is very different (batteries slot into the end of the calculator, rather than on the bottom), layout of keys are different, overall size is also slightly smaller. Unfortunately it doesn't work (maybe it never did?).

Cheers, Keith


This has got me wondering ... The primative design of my 17B prototype must be one of the first Pioneers. Does anyone know what the first Pioneer was? Cheers, Keith


Does anyone know what the first Pioneer was?

The HP17B and 27S were both introduced on 4 January 1988, in conjunction with the Winter Consumer Electronics Show that year in Las Vegas. The next "batch" was the 22S and 32S on 1 June 1988 at the Summer CES in Chicago, followed by the 42S and 14B on 31 October 1988; the 20S, 21S and 10B on 3 January 1989; the 17BII on 6 January 1990 and 32SII on 1 March 1991.

Jake Schwartz


Excellent, thanks Jake. Cheers, Keith

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