Reversi reconstituted


In a fit of OCR'ing, I have converted my copy of Vanlentin Albillo's HP-41C Othello program "Reversi" from the User's Library into a Word document. I also have the .RAW file, making it easy to load on an emulator. What I've created is a real Word document, relatively short (2MB) and it looks great when printed because it isn't a scan (except for the printer examples).

I would love to post this, but I'd like Valentin's permission first. Does anyone know how to get in contact with him?



I'll send a message to Valentin regarding this post. I'll try to get him to answer.



You should know that Reversi (as well as Checkers, and MiniChess) are available in the "ALBILLOS" section of the FunStuff module, posted at TOS.

The programs still run like a charm, specially on i41CX where you can see the printout on the screen :)




I have contacted Valentin by e-mail. I sent him an exact copy of your message and he answered that he gives explicit persimssion to your request. He is totally OK with it.

I don't think Valentin will post an awswer here, so you have to take my word.



Thanks Fernando! I have uploaded the word doc, the .raw file and the PDF to the incoming directory on this site. I'll email the curator so he knows what it is. Hopefully this will show up in the library in the not-to-distant future.

I have fond memories of Reversi. It was one of the first programs I ordered from the User's Library. I'd played the Othello board game and was anxious to see how good the program was. When I played my first game, the calculator beat me. Incredulous, I played another game... and it beat me again.... At this point I went straight to the listing to figure out how he did it.


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