Has anyone out there dealt with CalcPro recently? If so (and if you have an opinion), please contact me directly at the e-mail address above. Thanks!


I have purchased three calculators in 2 years from them. I got good service on both orders. I currently have an order in to them for supplies, sent about May 15th, haven't received it yet. I assume it's on the way.


My order went in on April 22 and I have yet to hear back from them, though I know for a fact that they received my order. They don't return phone calls or e-mail. I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced this, or if it is just an aberration.

Does anyone out there live in Corvallis and feel like knocking on a door...? :^)


And then (wouldn't you know it?) the package with my order arrives today, just as I was working up to a fine head of righteous indignation...


I have bought many items from CalcPro (HP48G+, HP32SII, books, HP 48 PC Connectivity kit, and more). I have received good service. Its manager, Paul Nelson, told me that he is essentially running the operations by himself (once in a while he gets some part-time help). He has a lot of items on back order (such as RAM cards and HP 48G series Advanced User's Guides). Lately, when I send him a check it may take a few weeks till he gets the items. But he always sends me the items. I know you gentlemen may experience some inconvenience. But, Calcpro has some items that are hard to find elsewhere (e.g. Office Depot no longer sells the HP 48GX; the HP 32SII has been discontinued, and is not even available on HP's website, manuals that can be purchased separately from the calculator itself). Paul Nelson told me that he has had website problems lately, that is to be worked on. Leave him a message on his voice mail 1 (541) 752-8414.


Thanks for the input. I ended up receiving the order about a month after I placed it. When I left voice mail, it wasn't returned, and nobody was answering the phones during their listed hours. And e-mail was bouncing.

If you talk to him again in the near future, you may want to mention to Mr. Nelson that he probably shouldn't be charging cards prior to shipping orders (and certainly not three weeks before shipment) -- he could lose his merchant account for doing so.

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