Getting younger people involved - HHC Scholarship?


One thing that bothered me while attending HHC this year was the lack of younger people in the group. While everyone there was the picture of health and vigor, it would be nice to get some younger people involved in the community.

Here's one idea: provide an "HHC scholarship" to a college (or graduate) student. The idea is to raise enough money that we could pay for the travel and lodging costs for a student to attend HHC. This would probably cost $500-$1,000.

Even better would be to pay the way for a high school student, but now we're talking about a minor, which means they'd need to be accompanied by a parent, which nearly doubles the cost.

Do you think something like this would work? Would enough people be willing to donate money to pay for it? Is there some other way to encourage the next generation of RPN enthusiasts?



Having been to two HHC conferences, I'd say anything outside bald 50yr old male would qualify as "welcome diversity". Otherwise it really depends on how you define "young".

I'd chip in for something like that.



that hurt ;-)



supersmart canadian pilots with beautiful clocks and how-to calculator repair books count as diversity :-)




Taking the opportunity: What's about THE BOOK?


Hey! I have all my hair and I JUST turned 50. Also I'm short. That has to add some diversity!


I have my hair too! I just wish I had more than one of them....

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The HHC meetings can perhaps bee seen as the meeting of the old wizards who had been involved in perfecting the art of computing with calculators. Attendants come to give homage to another era--the pre-PC era--when programmable calculators were special.

Last month I was in Vienna and (re)visited Freud's apartment on Berggasse street. I sat in one of the rooms looking at the pictures on the wall. Some of these pictures included ones for many small-size far and middle Eastern gods and goddesses (I have actually seen Freud's collection in the house he lived in until his death, in London a few years ago). I came to a realization that our calculators where perhaps small-size statues to the gods and goddesses of the digital world!! The buttons and display represented the way we "speak" to these deities and how the reply back!



Namir --

Your second paragraph was an interesting philosophical (and quasi-psychological) perspective. I'd never thought of it quite that way...

Your opening sentence was spot-on, I'd say.

-- KS

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Thank you Karl!



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