Emulators from HP


Just got a hint about this offer of Emulators - for teachers for free, for other for a fee. But I did not find out how much it costs. Who may tell me more?



Download and install the emulator you're interested in. When you launch the installed application it will prompt for an activation key and provides a link for registering the product.

The HP-35s is $29.99 USD.


Thank you very much for the modus operandi. I'd like to know the costs beforehand.




There are only 4 for sale. . . (20b, 35s, 12, 12cp)



Does the 35s emulator run at approximately the same speed as a real 35s? Does it have a "turbo" mode?

Can the 35s emulator save/load program to/from disk? Are such programs human-readable (and human-editable)?


It runs at regular speed, no turbo. (at least that I've noticed)

Yes it saves/loads ram, but only binary of course.



Teachers get them free if they provide a syllabus that describes how they will use them in class. I did buy the 12c Windows emulator a couple of years ago, I think it was $19.99.


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