Physical dimensions of old HP calculators


Does anybody know where the physical dimensions of the old HP calculators like the Classics, Woodstock, Spice and HP-41 are listed?

Should I try to get one of each and measure by myself?




Hallo Ernst,

schau mal im Museum - sieh, das Gute liegt so nah!



As Walter said, the information you are looking for is so near, only a few mouseclicks away. Shortcuts are provided below anyway, in case you still need them:




Walter, Gerson,

Thank you both.
I was sure looking here but I overlooked this little piece of information.



I too would be curious is there is more detailed information on the (previously)mentioned calculators such as:

Detailed thickness(es) - that is, for instance, the HP35s is 'wedge' shaped in that the display end is thicker than the keyboard bottom end (by about 0.8cm).

Also, location(s) of the keys - this in particular would be helpful in positioning a machine based - keypressing mechanism. I may optically scan in the machines and measure this.



Such detailed dimensions, and nice drawings are available in some of the manuals. The hardware description manuals. For the 71 dimensions are in Figure 8.6 in the IDS part 3, 71hidsmc.pdf (page 147). I do not have any other manual available (my museum cds are packed... somewhere).


And the plug-in modules in Figs 8.9 and above.

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