Brain dead, need help with program


OK, how do I enter 1E2 in a program for the HP42s. Now, why do I say brain dead, because at step 25 in a program I did this entry and no problem, now at step 155 I cannot remember how I did it.

Too much drinking, brain cells destroyed.

Please help


I'm not sure where your difficulty lies, but here goes:

Use the 'E' key next to the +/- key to enter an exponent (power of 10), which would be the same as the 'EEX' key on an HP-41C for example.

To enter 1E2 you don't even need to enter the 1 if you don't want, just hit 'E' '2'.

Hope that helped.


Remind me, DO NOT DRINK AND PROGRAM, not a good thing.

Besides all that, thank you very much.

After 20 years I let the batteries die on my beloved HP42s. Yes, I did have printouts of all the programs I wrote for it back when they were HP41 codes. I then translated and modified the programs for the HP42s to take advantage of its menu system and in Sept. of 2002 got the bright Idea that I should print them out if I ever lost them. Thank God for hindsight.

and it is really strange after realizing you wrote this stuff 30 plus years ago and now look at it and its all a wonder to you. I feel old.


The saying goes: do not drink an DERIVE.



I'm not sure where your difficulty lies...

Too much drinking, brain cells destroyed.


why not just type 100?


why not just type 100?

Sorry, that was too easy. You have to remember I am old school when it comes to programing a calculator..... every byte or bit of memory is valuable. So 1E2 uses less memory than 100.
No, it was the point of the matter that I figure out how to get 1E2 back into the program. I was determined. Now feeling very stupid as to not seeing the E key right in front of me!!! I mean.... I search the func. menu 10 times looking for that function and did not see it. Its like, have I forgotten that much since my twenties...... evidently so.

It's like cell phones... I no longer remember phone numbers, they are all programed in. I became so reliant on my old programs, I forgot how I wrote them, the formulas involved... Wow.

Now I really like "DO NOT DRINK AND DERIVE" thats a hoot. Thanks guys and gals. Much appreciated putting up with me on this.

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I remember picking up my HP-71b more than 10 years after putting it in a box. I couldn't believe I ever knew how to use it. But after just a couple of days, I was getting up to speed. It'll come back to you if you study a bit. Now, my HP-25.... that's permanently in my brain. Maybe that's why it'll always be my favorite, emotionally, anyway.

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