15c calculator


is there a substitute key on the 15c for x>0 which was on the 11c.


Look at the back panel for details of the TEST instruction.

- Pauli


I had a program with this line init on my 11c so i need the corresponding keyin so that the program will work on my 15c.


I tried using g test 1 (x>0) but the program still does not work.
Cheers Jim



I'd suggest you show a listing of your program here and tell us what "does not work". Else try single-stepping through your program and check the values on the stack. AFAIK calculators aren't mean, so the problem sits in front of them usually ;)


Hi Jim,
I now see that you tried this.
Perhaps you are accidentally in complex mode? Check your initial conditions. Also check your memory allocation. The 15c memory can be allocated specifically. You may have inadvertently over-allocated memory to program lines or vice versa...


Jim --

g TEST 1 on the HP-15C indeed provides the "x > 0 ?" conditional test listed directly on the HP-11C.

The four conditional tests of equality and inequality on the HP-15C utilize both parts of a complex number, so they might act unexpectedly in complex mode (g SF 8). However, "x > 0?" is not one of those tests.

If difficulties persist, I'd echo Walter's suggestions for you to post the troublesome code and be more specific about "does not work".

-- KS

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The 15c has additional tests compared to the 11c. Unlike the 11c however, only two of the tests are directly labeled and keyed. The other ten are called using sequence g TEST n.
Below is a comparison table:

11C has 8 tests, all in the 10th column of keys:


x not y
x not 0


For the 15c, look on the back of the calculator and you will see a table thus:

   ERROR           TEST       MATRIX    
0 | y/0, LN 0...| x not 0 | 0 DIM
1 | ---- | x > 0 | ------
2 | ------ | x < 0 |


So to get "X > 0" you key in g TEST n which is g followed by the minus key, followed by the number 1.

I hope that helps,


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