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I maybe didn't search correctly, but I didn't find posts about HP 15C emulator. I would like to find a good one for my ipod, or a good rpn calculator for this device.

I found two, the one from HP (http://itunes.apple.com/app/hp-15c-scientific-calculator/id318956846?mt=8) and another one by Thomas Fors (http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sci-15c-scientific-calculator/id291967860?mt=8). Does someone knows which one is the best ? Or another one which would be better ?

I also found a RPN calculator (http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/active-rpn-calculator/id317847341?mt=8) which seems to be pretty interesting. Any opinion about this one.

Thanks in advance


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Hi Jeff,

I have no opinion on HP-15C emulators for iPod touch since I only have free emulators, except i41CX which was the first one I bought, because of my personal interest for the 41, and also because at the time I bought it there were not much emulators available.
Anyway, let me suggest you to consider m48, which is probably the best emulator of the 48. Two others are available, but less interesting to my opinion (GraphiX48 and i48).

Free 42 is also a "must have", more to say knowing that it is also free.

PCalc Lite is also nice, with both algebraic and RPN mode.

Concerning Active RPN you are talking about, I only have the free version, Access RPN. This app is very nice, especially because it is well adapted for the tiny screen of the iPod, when one does not need much scientific functions.

Except if you really need and want an HP-15C emulator you may find some interesting emulators among those I listed.

I should also add i41 CAS, which is a free version of i41CX, but with CAS capabilities.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards from France.



not for the ipod, but a sort-of HP-15c emulator none-the-less, is this here one:

written in delphi (object pascal), non-programmable, and supporting a few extra features. a single fix of one compile error, and it compiles with delphi 5. should be port-able to platforms other than windows using lazarus/fpc, so an android version is not out of the question.

rob :-)


I've tested the following:

  1. SCI-15C, Tom Fors (based on nonpareil (Eric Smith)
  2. ClassicRPN (they rolled up 11C, 12C, 15C, 16C into a single package)
  3. RPN-15C, same as #2, but just the 15C.
  4. Calc 15C (now gone from store), however Calc 16Cx and 11Cx are still there.
Of the 15Cs I've tested #1 provides the best user experience because of its simplicity, keyboard accuracy, redesigned rear view, and the big button feature. It also supports all the 15C self-tests and diags, even on-. works. It is a bit pricy, but since Eric gets some coin from that, I don't mind. My only criticism is that the colors (f/g) do not match a real 15C--The blue is a bit light and the yellow a bit dark--probably due to a delta in the designers monitor and the phone display. The key click volume also does not match the iPhone key click volume (it's too loud). When I need a 15C I use this one.

#2 has a lot of nice features. 4 level stack output. Horizontal and vertical displays. User definable colors and button sizes. All the Voyagers under a single icon. You can even move the stack from calc to calc (e.g. 15C to 12C). Macros. Issues: key lag and accuracy, annoying key click sound (also too loud, 41CX has a user definable volume for the key click--nice), for some reason settings are not being saved. Cheap, 4 calcs for < #1. I only use this for my 12C and 16C needs, but now that I have folders I may dump this for Tom's/Eric's 12C/16C.

#3 is just #2 with 15C only. Same issues IIRC.

#4 is like #1 but for $0.99. The rear view is poor. I do not recall why I deleted it (odd issues IIRC). 16Cx is not bad, but I do not like the display.

If you want a very solid, authentic 15C experience with a great rear reference, fast and accurate buttons, then get #1.

If you want a superset of the 15C then get 42s ($9.99) or Free42 (free), (please avoid RPN Calc 42s). I prefer 42s because is has a number of features making it really a 42S+ (e.g. larger stack display). Free42 is more in the spirit of Tom's/Eric's 15C--it's as close to a 42S as possible.

42s is my default everyday calculator, it loads fast, has nice complex math support (vs. 15C), the extra stack lines are great and can be expanded beyond 4 with 3 or 6 visible with just a swipe. The portrait view makes for simple one-handed computations.

Lastly, I must mention i41CX+ ($24.99). Of all the calcs listed above it's the only one that supports iOS multitasking (rapid switching to be accurate) besting 42s in load times. i41CX+ may become my default quick answer calc. The i41CX+ feature set it stunning. Not only does it emulate a loaded 41CX, but it also support all the modules including HEPAX and has great overlay support. It also has a printer, iOS cut/paste, email support, etc... See their website for all the details.

One more thing...

Not what you asked for, but if you are interested in 48/49 emulation then checkout m48+. Since it is based on EMU48 and not x48 like all the others you get a lot of the EMU48 features. And since there is a 15C emulator for the 48/49 that works in EMU48 then you could do that too. I do not recommend that, but I just needed a tie-in with your original request. :-)

NOTE: i41CX+ and m48+ are universal apps that look awesome on the iPad. The rest run in 2x mode--who doesn't want a giant 15C? :-)

REQUEST: Tom/Eric any chance for iOS 4 updates for fast task switch and perhaps a volume control for the key click? A Voyagers app with all 4 would be nice too--make it universal so that on the iPad I see all 4 on the screen at the same time with all functional of course so that when my 16C is busy computing ToH I can use the 12C to see if I am getting a good deal on my refi. :-)


Egan, thank you for the excellent comparison. My Windows Mobile HTC phone recently died and my employer has replaced it with an iPhone. So Jeff's original question was well timed for me as well.

I was considering purchasing the ClassicRPN app. But now that I know that Eric Smith is getting compensation from the sale of SCI-15C, I'll spend the extra money for the full SCI-11C, FIN-12C, SCI-15C and PRG-16C suite.

Considering that Tom and Eric have already leveraged the work in Nonpareil for these four apps, it is a pity that the other Classic, Woodstock and Spice emulations are not also available. I would drop $19.99 immediately for a HP-34C app.

Mark Hardman (LED)

Houston TX

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Hi Guys,

Thanks a lot for your help and advice. I installed Free42 and m48 to test them, which seems to be very good. I just have a problem with the48 : it is nearly impossible to change the volume in the settings.

The i41 CAS is no more available, it was just for a limited time.

I was interested in a 15C emulator because it id the one I use, or use again since this summer. My very first one died 10 years ago and I bought a 48, but never really liked it as much as the 15C, or even the 67 I still have.

Once again thanks a lot



Hi Jeff,

You're welcome. I'd be glad to get your feedback after some days/weeks of use of m48. I really like this one and use it very often.

Other thing: I'm planning a trip to Canada next year in spring, in the state of Québec, with wife and kids, to go back to my roots (yes!). Would you mind answering a few questions of mine on this topic?

Email me if you have a couple of minutes of spare time for me.

Thanks in advance!
Kind regards from France.



Hi Jean-Michel

En français, car je suis français, installé à Montréal depuis bientôt 2 ans. Pas de problème si je peux répondre aux questions pour la préparation du voyage, ce sera avec plaisir




S'il te plaît, écris moi à mon adresse perso, afin de ne pas encombrer le forum.

Je cherche juste un avis sur les principales choses à voi au Québec en une dizaine de jours.

jms "point" lecointre "at" wanadoo "point" fr

(for English readers: I'm just asking Jeff to write to my personal email address)



I may be able to help too being in Montreal.

I lived 44 years in and around Montreal.

Edited: 16 Nov 2010, 11:14 p.m.



thanks for your proposal.
Please read my answer to Jeff's latest mail (just above) and proceed as written, so that we will not "pollute" this HP forum with off topics mails.

Kind regards from a previous "Québecois"

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