Jornada as the next collectible?


Just read that as the result of the HP - Compaq merger, the Jornada series of handheld PDAs will be discontinued. So what do people think, will these become collectable someday the way the HP calculators have? Maybe it's time to buy up a 565 or a 720 and leave it on a shelf new in box for a few years.


I don't think they will be as collectible as HP calculators... HP calculators were the "cadillacs" of marvels...precision instruments... whereas there's nothing special about Jornada's compared to the other PDAs.


Partly in response to this comment, I've been meaning to
mention for a while that I recently acquired a 660LX
palmtop, and I am very pleased with it. It does not
replace my calculators, but the ability to sync my email
and tasks/calendar with my desktop, and still have a
reasonable keyboard to add things is awesome. Of course,
in this whirlwind world HP is now in, you can't even get
accessories for it any more, being the generation before
the Jornada. Talk about customer support.

It will be interesting to see what HP comes up with after
the merger with Compaq. I think Compaq will swallow them
up. It will be just like the last time around, after a few
years. Anybody remember DEC? One day the competition to
IBM, the next day part of Compaq and gone. Anybody remember
when Compaq was a "portable" PC the size and shape of
a sewing machine?

Well enough of this, (I've just had my birthday,(36) and I'm
feeling it).

Best regards to all,

Ion Abraham
Albuquerque, New Mexico

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