Duplicate Submission! error



I have now tried several times to post a message to the HP-33C thread I have started. But I always get this message:

Duplicate Submission!

This error usually means that you have pressed the "Post Message" button more than once for the same message. If that is the case, please return to the message index (and reload it if necessary) to confirm that your message was, in fact, posted!

The message could also mean that you "previewed" your post, but then went back to the main input form and tried to submit it from there without making any changes. If that is the case, simply go back, make a minor change, and resubmit it!

I have previously edited my first post and changed the word witout to without. Maybe that is the reason why this is happening?
I changed it back to witout but I still am unable to post to this thread.

A bug in the forum SW?



After I started this new thread I tried again to post my message to the previous HP-33C thread and this time it was successful.

Whatever happened is a total mystery for me.



Yes, I have had similar experiences, where nothing seemed to work to get the message posted.


Ditto here.

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