HP28S - made in Indonesia?


Hi HP world. I recently purchased a 28S from TAS - the 28S is one of my favourites as it's the one I went through University with. I have a few in my collection (USA, Singapore and the 100th anniversary edition). This particular 28S caught my eye as being made in Indonesia in 1997 - serial code: ID73800361. From the MoHP site, the 28S was made between 1988 and 1992. So one made in 1997 would be quite strange.

I have a few theories:

1. It has been repaired using a 19Bii back case, or

2. it was a rogue batch made in Indonesia that not many people know about.

3. I've read the date code incorrectly and it was made in 1987.

It is in excellent condition, although some sort of high quality repair appears to have been done around the battery door frame (on upper side), although this might just be normal wear.

Anyone got any ideas? Cheers, Keith


My guess would be that it was made as stock for the out-of-warranty exchange service that HP used to offer. I believe their policy was to offer the service, which allowed you to send in your broken unit plus a flat fee and recieve a new unit, for five years after a model was discontinued.

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