Voyager series Aluminum bezels


I was wondering if anyone knew what kind of coating was applied to the Al bezels of the voayager series (HP 10C, HP-15C...)
It seems to be a plastic coating of some sort. Has anyone ever restored one of these that has a lot of scratches and found a suitable replacement? I am wondering if a clear paint would work, or make the bezel appear real glossy.


From what I understand, its some sort of clear metal varnish.


Is there any source of replacement bezels other than another calculator? I have a beat-up, but functional, HP-15C that a relative gave to me. It has his name deeply etched on the bezel so I'd like to replace it.



This was discussed recently (past few months, anyway) and somone (I think David Smith but I'm not sure) described a method used in general modeling to get that kind of finish. Involved a sheet of glass and wet sandpaper.

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