Dust under 42S display


I'm sure this is discussed somewhere on the web, but has anyone ever successfully disassembled a 42S to clean out accumulated dust between the LCD and the window?

Any other nifty techniques (maybe blast compressed air into the battery compartment, etc) to dislodge the dust under the lens?

I like that the 42S is small enough to be a true pocket calculator, but I guess years of dust and lint in my pocket is finally catching up to it.


Sure it can be done. But if it's only dust.... I wouldn't want to see it die in process. The "pioneer" series was never designed to be serviced - they went in the trash at HP and they sent you a new one. But thats old history and that doesn't happen any more (new HP, new game, thanks Carly?).

If you are very brave and don't mind paying $150 and upwards for a replacement if things go bad, see Paul Brogger's article in the articles forum:

Pioneer "Observational Internals"

PS: I disassembled mine for the first time a few weeks ago due to an unfortunate accident. It wasn't that hard to do once you decide to take the plunge. It is now relegated to the "parts only" status since I was unable to repair it. It is still apart and I could take some photos to help you along if you have any questions. Pauls article is very clear but is text only.


<Any other nifty techniques (maybe blast compressed air into the battery compartment, etc) to dislodge the dust under the

I would suggest against this. I tried this with a 41C and only made matters worse.

Good luck.



I have cleaned dust from under many a '41 and '42 display using canned compressed "air". Never use a stndard compressed air line as they almost always spew water and oil along with the air.

Place the tube from the can into any available orifice near the display (the card reader latch holes on a '41 or the battery compartment of a '42) and pulse the valve on the can a few times. Usually the offending scuzz go flying away... but sometimes it stays (try another hole) or even something new shows up... try again.

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