Contribution: User interface for the ASTRO2010 module


Celebrating the really great ASTRO 2010 module by Jean-Marc Baillard, I decided to group the most useful programs for an amateur astronomer and create the easiest possible user interface; A program I simply called "ASTRO"

While the ASTRO2010 module is a stroke of genius, it is lacking a simple user interface. Without my ASTRO user interface program you would have to rely on the user manual or have an elephant's memory. This ASTRO program delivers to the user a menu driven easy-to-use interface bringing the top amateur astronomy programs into one complete program.

ASTRO also fixes one bug or discrepancy in the ASTRO2010 module; the "MST" program does not accept a Date in the YYYY.MMDD format as indicated by the manual, but rather in the usual DD.MMYYYY or MM.DDYYYY format (depending on the setting you use). With the ASTRO interface, your usual date format is used throughout.

More at the ASTRO page on my website.

While this is a birthday present from me to me, I hope it also helps someone else out there.


Hello Geir

Thank you for you interest for the ASTRO2010 module.

Your "ASTRO" program makes it much more user-friendly.

However, I've just tested again "MST"

and it works well with a date yyyy.mmdd in Y-register

and the time hh.mnss in X-register.

Best wishes



Ah, sorry for that one - I had another MST residing in HEPAX memory. Will correct.

Edited: 23 Oct 2010, 6:13 p.m.


Corrected - both on the ASTRO page and in the program listing.

Any testing and reporting back on the results would be highly appreciated.


Perhaps the most convenient thing to do would be adding Geir's add-on to a new 4k page, to be used with the "original" .

Makes sense?


Sure. But there is a lot to filling up to do to get a full 4K. Any suggestions?

I know Arne Helme has a nice Field-of-View program that is valuable when switching between various oculars. Arne, could you post your program here for inclusion?


Not a bad idea. If you send me RAW files it'll be a breeze to compile the page in ROM format.

PS. Your U/I program is already done, will send you the ROM via email

Edited: 25 Oct 2010, 8:14 a.m.


Geir --

This looks to be a worthy effort on your part. Of course, the ASTRO2010 ROM is needed. I'm unsure of the ROM's by you, Jean-Marc Baillard, Angel Martin, Diego Diaz, and others at "TOS" are available as plug-ins.

I hope that you noticed my post from yesterday, including a complete and slightly-improved source listing of your enhanced version of Tom Sherman's navigation program.

-- KS

Edited: 23 Oct 2010, 5:47 p.m.


The modules are for use with NoVs or the MLDL or the original HEPAX or EPROMS...


I have just compiled a ROM file with this ASTRO U/I add-on, also including the SKY progtram as per the other thread. Anyone interested in testing it drop me a line w/ the email address.


Ángel --

(I finally learned how to enter your name properly, using the HP Forum edit screen: +0193 while holding down "Alt", just as in TextPad.)

A microcoded version of "SKY" sounds useful -- provided that the Nav Pac routines, which do most of the work, are handled similarly. It would be nice not to have to wait several minutes for answers.

Unfortunately, I lack the setup to test your product.

-- KS


Greetings Karl,

I appreciate your writing of the tilde character Á, sorry it was that involved (nothing like having a sample around for a copy-paste action :-)

It's not an MCODE version but the same SKY program what is in the new module, in user code glory (or FOCAL). The required setup is reduced to a windows-based PC capable of running V41, nothing more.

The execution speed goes much faster than a real MCODE program using the turbo mode of V41, pressing the TAB key - nothings beats that speed.


Edited: 26 Oct 2010, 4:49 a.m.

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