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Hi, i was just wondering if there was a packaging for the 12c in the same style as for the 10c,11c 15c and 16c (all of which I have at home) but I have not seen a similar style for the 12c. Anyone knows if it exists?




Do you mean the cardboard box? Yes, it was nearly identical to those of the other Voyagers.


As Eric indicated, the 12C box had the same form factor, but a different graphical layout:

Maybe there exist 12C boxes with the same layout as the other voyagers, but I haven't seen one yet...


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Thanks guys, at least Im not the only one that has not seen a box with the same graphical layout as the others...




ciao Peter,
indeed it has existed, and to my knowledge at least in two different versions.

The one with bigger purple boxes is an earlier version identical to the other voyager boxes in appearance and size.

The second one is a later version, still same look, but different size, some small details are different as well.
The oldest, belong to a 12C S/N 2421A29479, and it makes sense,
since I also have the invoice, dated 9-6-85

The later one has a 12C SN/ 2702A02326, but in this case if I remember well,
box and calc are coming from two different sellers, and it was just a completetion of the set.
take care Alberto


Grazie mille Alberto! Allora, seems there is always one more thing to hunt down... And I was so happy when I got a HP10c with box etc... Now I have to get a 12c box of the same design...

Thanks again for your kind pictures and explanations




You are very welcome !

The packaging of these items is as fascinating as the items themselves.

For instance, the Spice serie had a different package for the American and the European markets.
The USA version is square sized, while the European version has the same look but is rectangular.

If anyone is interested, it will be a pleasure to post more pics.

Take care Alberto

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