voyager R2D2 documents?


While experimenting with older voyagers I've been wondering if
after 30 years something approximating an R2D2 data sheet may
have surfaced somewhere. The evidence thus far tells me no,
however it seems no harm in asking.

I'm aware of the brief data sheets for the individual hp-41c
rom, ram, and display devices. And while useful to an
extent, they obviously fall short of being an R2D2 reference.

Off-forum replies as well much appreciated.



I had to reverse-engineer how the R2D2 works because I couldn't get any datasheet.

It's not a very complicated device.


Couldn't you just ask 3-CPO?


I had to reverse-engineer how the R2D2 works because I couldn't get any datasheet.

Understood. But I figured it was worth asking on the remote
chance some HP retiree happened on one in the attic. I'm
still finding MOS Technology (who?) data sheets in mine.

It's not a very complicated device.

From that required by the firmware programming model I'd agree.
But this can easily gloss over subtle quirks, register access
behavior, etc.. Driving the ISA bus directly via other than
a NUT processor was my intention. A few weeks ago I cobbled
together an ISA bus sniffer to capture rom images among other
interesting data. Fairly trivial given the extremely slow bus
speed even with modest bus data interpretation during
acquisition. But it would still be useful to have electrical
and timing specs for the device, even minimally so similar to
the 41c ancient scrolls.

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