Was: advice needed to visit USA


Hi all,

My holidays travel to USA is over. :(

Thanks again guys for the advices, and a special thanks to Dave which have even came to the meteor crater and guided me for the visit.

My travel was 11100 km with a rent a car:
landing in Montreal
Niagara falls
Cedar Point Amusement park (roller costers) near Cleveland
Route 66 (just following)
Meteor Crater (Flagstaf Arizona)
Arches NP
Fort Collins Colorado (HHC 2010)
NIST Boulder Colorado
Grand Tetton NP
Yellowstone NP
Mont Rushmore
and back to Montreal

My chart :

#1 Meteor Crater: Knowing it is big and seeing the pictures is something, seeing it is something else. Amazing !

#2 Grand Canyon: from a previous travel

#3 Niagara Falls

#4 Yellowstone NP

#5 the park with sequoias (previous travel)

The weather was magnificent, just little rain, but otherwise nice sunny days.

Crossing America by car is long, is tiresome, but it is a very good way to see that America is huge, it is way better than crossing by plane.



Hi Patrice,

I an soooo jealous :-)



Cedar Point Amusement park (roller coasters) near Cleveland

So did you drive through downtown Cleveland?


No just highways between points.

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