HP71, ins't something missing ?


Dear all,

I have received this HP71 which I knew was for spare only

so I'm not complaining because it doesn't work.

However, I have just opened it, and based on the service manual

I was expecting to find a flex cable joining the two halves.

A closer look :

The flex is obviously missing, and looks like it was soldered

What do you suggest ?

Does anyone has an actual photo of how it should look ?

Thanks everybody in advance !

Take care Alberto


Ciao Alberto,

I think Etienne Victoria can answer this better than me:




Why not take a section of ribbon cable such as PC's used for the IDE or floppy drives, cut a short section 17 conductors wide, separate the wires slightly at each end, then solder this similar to how Etienne did. I little neater, perhaps.


Hello all,

I agree, it would be much neater.

However, for this particular Hp-71B, I wanted to be able to route the wires separately inside the case.

Also, a folded 17 conductors-wide section would have had an excessive overall thickness IMHO.



I have replaced the flex connector in an HP71 using a bunch of wire-wrap wire in a similar way to Etienne. If the wire is kept together with a few small ties (also wire-wrap wire) it can be very tidy.

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