10/10/10 Happy 42 day!


At last, an excuse to make a day commemorating the venerable hp-42s!


OK, I give up, what's the connection?

According to Finseth's site, the 42s was introduced 10/31/88 (U.S. style date). That will be 22 years ago.

Now we could have celebrated the introduction of the 22s on 6/1/10. If anyone cared.


OK, I give up, what's the connection?

If you recall the book "Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy" 42 was the answer to the question - What is the meaning of life?

101010 binary is equal to 42 decimal.


That, sir, is a bingo. For further amusement regarding the number 42, visit wolframalpha.com:



Sorry for the obtuseness. I guess I am just not a binary kind of engineer.


You're brave! I hadn't seen the connection either, but I just was affraid to ask :-)

I guess I am just not a binary kind of engineer.




Gerson, got a chuckle out of me!


That was not my intention. Really!

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