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I've noticed that when the 41c emulator by Harassed Programmer is active, the CPU usage meter on my laptop stays over 50%. By comparison, with the Emu48 by Christoph GieBelink it may be only around 5%.

Has anyone else observed such behavior? Why such heavy demands from such a small program?

I have an HP TC4400 running Windows 7 Professional.




I remember this problem when I tried a (very old now) version quite some time ago. No solution found then.


Harassed Programmer

LOL^2 ... "Harassed" (= "To irritate or torment persistently")

I should probably don't bother to answer but anyway ... My HP-41E for Windows is very old program and some parts of it could be coded much better, going to sleep while waiting for a key, for example. But I used it only as a test/development platform for my emulators running on HP-48GX/49G, so I didn't bother to fix it.

Use V41 by Warren Furlow, it is much better. As far as I can remember, link to his site should not be posted here, but you can Google for it ...

Best regards.

Harassed Programmer


No, actually I do appreciate your answering... and not taking offense at my little joke. I was, of course, referring to your FAQ's which suggest to me that you are often Harassed by folks expecting free software...


No problem, I didn't recognize it's a joke, sorry. I never said in my FAQ that I am "harassed" by people expecting free software, just that (1) not all of my emulators will be free and (2) none of my software will be open-sourced because I don't like open-source concept, nothing else.

BTW, I restored HP-41E source from the archive (it's the latest version, I think, v1.02 from 2001) and fixed this annoying CPU usage issue. If you want, you can download it here:



Just downloaded, thanks!
Nice job, as usual...

Greetings from Milan,



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