Function Tree for HP48/et al.



In my frustration in finding my way through the (different) menu structure of the HP49/50 (relative to the HP48), it has occured to me - has anyone drawn up a function tree diagram for the HP48?
[That is - showing the tree/branches below the MTH menu, the PRG menu, etc...]

I've searched the HP documents, the web, hpcalc, hpmuseum, Donnelly and Wickes texts and have found nothing.




the HP 48G/GX Pocket Guide by Chris Coffin & Thomas Dick, published 1996 by Grapevine Publications, ISBN 0-931011-45-0 , offers what you want, and much more.

Looks similar to the 49g pocket guide (no wonder, AFAIK it was made by the same people;-)

Maybe one of the online HP dealers still has a copy.





Thanks; I do have one - that is close to what I want - what I had in mind was more of a large sheet, but this is good info!



Hello Thomas

I think I made this in an Excel sheet one day.
If you are still interested in it, please e-mail me.
Kind regards.

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