can anyone post to comp.sys.hp48?


This morning, I wrote several replies and even created a new topic on comp.sys.hp48 (via Google Groups) and everything submitted without any errors. Except, the posts never showed up...

I'm still having this issue as of right now. Can anyone here post to comp.sys.hp48?


Since Usenet is distributed, I'm sure many can post elsewhere. I just tried from my ISP news server without issue. However I was unable to post via Google Groups. But can read from it (including new posts).


Hi Egan,

Thanks for confirming that Google Groups is the one with the problems.



'Google Groups' is messed up again(/still?).

Any recommendations for a 'real' newsgroup reader?



TelNet !


As of 5PM EST OCT 8, 2010 Google Groups appears to be working like usual for me.

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