HP9100B available on TAS


(also known as "that unmentionable site"

Looks nice and seems to work - certainly a rare find

item # 110592688740

(I'm not related to the seller, nor do I intend to bid. It's just a rare machine that's missing in almost every collection.)


Yes, it looks like quite a nice one and as someone who desperately wants a 9100 but hasn't got the funds, this is going to be painful to watch!

PS: I really don't understand why it is frowned upon to mention Ebay here - seems a bit childish to me that there appears to be this unwritten rule "thou shalt not mention Ebay"!


PS: I really don't understand why it is frowned upon to mention Ebay here - seems a bit childish to me that there appears to be this unwritten rule "thou shalt not mention Ebay"!

I take it that eB** is considered a necessary evil but self-respecting professionals like us would prefer not to admit we would actually use such a rip-off site.

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There's nothing like finding an auction that's passing under the radar, with a poor description or misspelling in the title, and getting in a low bid. Then someone posts a link to it since they, themselves aren't interested, and what once was going to be a good deal is suddenly bid way up. That's why, in some other groups I follow, linking to auctions is frowned upon.


On that note, perhaps noting that the shipping cost is a "mere" $85.00 USD (currently 10% of the max bid) may slow down the bids.


$85 is the max for shipping. From the description: "If shipping turns out to be cheaper, a refund will be issued."


I thought that the rule was not so much not to mention TAS but, rather, not to post opinions on individual auction and the sellers without disclosing your own account name. Or something like that (I actually read the site rules on this at one point).

Here they are:

Additional Terms of Use for Discussions About Ebay and Other Auction Sites

This is not meant to be a forum about ebay or other auction/sales sites though they will naturally come up at times. If you refer to any specific auction(s), sellers(s), or user(s) of any auction/sales site, then you must include your ID at that auction/sales site. This puts you on equal footing with the person you're talking about. Your auction/sales site ID may be confirmed by other forum users by sending a message via the auction/sales site. If that message isn't responded to in the affirmative, then your messages and/or account may be deleted. If you do not have an ID at the auction/sales site, or want to keep your identity secret, then please don't ask questions about specific auctions or sales on that site at this forum. If you have questions about a specific item, it is usually best to ask the seller for clarification. Also, please limit auction/sales threads to items of broad interest to HP calculator users.

I feel a little bit like I am a character in the Harry Potter series and we are talking about "He Who Shall Not Be Named"...

Edited: 1 Oct 2010, 9:02 p.m.


There were some lengthy (and sometimes not so nice) eBay discussions in the past; therefore it's only natural that some rules had to be established. This is THE forum for (HP) calculator users and collectors, with a very polite and cooperative spirit, and we all benefit from it, so it's in our own interest to accept some common-sense regulations.

Wishing you all many stimulating discussions in the future,


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