Global search of archives..


Pardon my potential density here. But the handful of
times I've tried, I've never seemed to find a means to
perform a global search of the archives. Rather it
appears a search may only be within the scope of a
given archive volume. This doesn't seem a realistic
limitation so would someone be kind enough to clue
me in?



Someone posted a method of a way to use a Google search with a single line of parameters. It's in the archives somewhere.....


Someone posted a method of a way to use a Google search with a single line of parameters. It's in the archives somewhere.....

Yea I'll bet it is. Probably along with the secret to
eternal youth. But is this seriously the only method
for performing a global archive search?


Try this:



Thanks for the pointer.

An external site search indeed works but it is a bit
roundabout and it picks up index pages as well as
actual threads. Not a huge issue, but the omission
of a conventional site search function seems rather

Although I think I miss a thread activity e-mail notification
mechanism more. I'll stop complaining now.


...perform a global search of the archives...

It's in the archives somewhere...

LOL. Classic tech-support.


LOL. I love it.


I tought it was catch 22...


In the google search window: <search string>

Works most nicely!



In the google search window: <search string>

It probably works the same with all or most search engines. I never use Google myself. I've been using , and it works the same there.

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