Forum admin question..


Apologies if this is a noob/faq but I can't find
a means to request email notification of replies
to threads of interest. Most similar forums
have such a mechanism and it may well exist here
too but it eludes me. No response to the question
from the local powers as of yet..


I'm unaware of any such feature here but I could be wrong.



I'm unaware of any such feature here but I could be wrong.

Huh. So folks here just keep "polling" to determine whether
anything new exists in a thread?


I use the Daily View, which, provided I am logged in, alerts me to new messages and displays them in their thread context.

Works for me!


Yes... but it does keep us coming back daily. Or, in my case, several times per day. I should probably just make this my home page...


Yes - this is true. Though I rarely post here, I visit the Daily View page, at a guess, at least ten times a day and read most of the threads.


This is an extremely active forum and if you don't get a response to your question/comment within the 2-day time span allowed for the "daily view" you probably never will. So, while you do need to check back, you just need to do so for a couple of days (unless the discussion really gets going of course). Often a thread will stay continuously active on the "daily view" for weeks because there are posts within two days of prior posts.

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