HP Calc chips and parts - who needs them?


While digging through storage I've found the original RAMs for my HP-41C as well as a spare set of HP-41CV ones. The former are the 1LA7 0002 through 1LA7 0005 with solder still on their pins. My HP-41 worked fine when it had them in it.

The latter are the 1LE7 01 through 1LE7 04, with there being two of the '03 parts. They are new and unused.

There are a few dozen 1919-0335 LEDs, used in the HP-65 and later along with a variety of HP-65 ICs that are probably dead (they were removed from boards and tossed, later finding their way to me). The latter are probably of visual interest only.

A few other items will probably go to next year's HHC: an "I Build The Standard HP-41C" button, an HP-41 style keychain and a "HP-41C Enter Key for Tie Tac, Pin, Etc. Courtesy of HP" from one of the very early conferences. Oh - and a power cord for one of the three-pin power input Classic calculators (without the wall wart), good for making a classy HP-67 "Black Box".

Still more boxes to sort. Thanks to all for a great group here!

Jim Horn (misses the old PPC issue stuffing parties at Richard's house - but really likes the Web a lot better)


Hi Jim,

I'm certainly interested in the HP-41 parts. Please mail me privately for an arrangement.


PS. Although your offer is very interesting for many enthusiasts here, you may consider moving it to the advertising section of the MoHPC as it seems more appropirate.


I am interested in whatever is left over after Diego's wish list :)


By this I mean Everything on the list after Diego has got whatever he needs :)

All cost of handling/shipping will of course be paid in advance to you.


Sorry if this should have been posted in the advertisements - I need to get familiar with those. I'm just sending these off free to those who can use them as a small part of repaying the community for the vast amount it has done for my enjoyment through the years.


...an "I Build The Standard HP-41C" button, an HP-41 style keychain...
Could you post some photos of these items?

Many thanks:-)



I have been trying to fix an HP-65 but have had trouble finding service documentation, so I cannot say yet which parts I need. But if your parts are already broken, it's no matter. Sigh.


I too have been trying to fix a 65 card reader problem. I'd be interested in chips that were related to the reader (if not already claimed)



Good morning Jim,

I'd be most happy if I could get three LED displays, which would help me revive a functional but very, very worn HP-67... and the three-pin plug and cable would be great, too.
Of course I'll pay for shipping, and them some!

Joel Setton


Hello Jim from Austria,

Looking for the red LED arrays to refurbish my vintage hp-calcs (HP-35/45/65/67). All costs for the display and shipment will be carried by me. Thanks in advance.
Best regards peter


HP65 displays are of interest to me. Pls email with details.


I too am interested in the three-prong power plug if Joel changes his mind. My 35's power adapter needs rehabilitation.



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