HP-49G programming in BASIC


I've read that the HP-49G is capable of being programmed in BASIC but none of the documentation included with the calculator mentions this.

Where can I get tools and instructions on programming the HP-49G in BASIC?




Regrettably I can't point you to any on-line docs but
a "caveat-emptor" advice is adequate here: so-called
HP49G "BASIC" has almost *nothing* at all to do with the usual BASIC dialects, such as the one implemented on the HP-71B for instance, or even the ones found on Sharp (TRS) Pocket computers, rather it's more like a pretty pathetic front-end over the underlying RPL language.

As such, you'll probably find it awkward in the extreme,
and unsuitable to enter and run typical run-of-the-mill BASIC programs, even vanilla ones.


The HP advertising that I saw for the HP49G said the calc could be programmed in BASIC / RPL / Assembler. However I think the 'manuals' only covered the 'BASIC' in a very scant way and although further programming info was promissed to be included in the 'Advanced User Guide' it was missing. Did HP pull the plug on the technical support once it was launched?

Is BASIC a standard language? Is describing a product as having a feature but not supporting it OK? Was HP breaking the law in describing what the HP49G had? Probably they could argue that BASIC is such a loose standard they could release anything and call it BASIC.

Oh well I've learnt that HP don't care once they have launched the product and taken your money. I suppose their buisiness model is to withdraw product funding once it has hit the shops.



I am not sure about Consumer Rights in USA, but I guess you (and we out here, maybe) should press (charges?) so HewPack would disclose all information avaiable for the users, EXCEPT those involving industrial internals (does it exist?).

Just an idea.



Tom wrote:

"Probably they could argue that BASIC is such a loose standard they could release anything and call it BASIC."

Loose !?

As a well-stablished language, good ol' BASIC has its
full ration of standardization, see for instance ANSI Standard for Full BASIC (X3.113-1987), which
supersedes the obsolete ANSI Standard for Minimal BASIC (X3.60-1978)

Whether commercial firms implement or follow these
standards in all or in part, or as a superset, it's quite
another matter. HP did in the past, mostly.


Actually, HP's site says that it's programmable in "HP Basic", not "BASIC". As far as I've been able to figure out, "HP Basic" in the context of the 49G means programming with the calculator in ALG mode, and has nothing to do with any variation of the BASIC programming language.

My recommendation is to put the 49G RPN mode and avoid the default ALG mode like the plague.


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