Green Ride vs Super Shuttle


And no, this isn't the latest Marvel comic book to come out... ;-)

I'm wondering if anyone has experience with these two methods of getting to the HHC2010 conference hotel. Would you recommend one more than the other? Is one faster (more direct, with less stops)? Price isn't my concern as much as I'd prefer not to drive all around just to get to the hotel.




I am not very familiar with either, but I suspect they operate in a similar manner.

My wife's mom came up on Super Shuttle last time. Basically they just drove north on I-25, got off the freeway at major cities, and then those going to those cities loaded into smaller vans for individual drop off. The hotel is near the first Ft. Collins exit, so I would expect it would be the first drop off point.

It takes 50-65 mins in a car, and it took her in the shuttle about 75 to get to our house with 3 other people being dropped of before her in Fort Collins.




Major style points are awarded to sons-in-law who go fetch mothers-in-law from the airport. Plus in your case you would have scored 650 bonus points for "Commute More Than 25 Miles" (5 points per mile x 65 miles x 2 trips (x4 trips is she leaves)).

Now, if you were very busy finalizing the firmware for the soon to be revealed HP 15c+, or an HP 43S, next time let the Forum rent your wife's mum a limousine.


Hmmm. . . good point.

I think I was saved by the fact that she arrived on the due date of baby #2. I suspect the points gained vs. lost if I were not at home when her daughter went into labor would not have weighed in my favor. :-D



Now wait, don't forget that my second daughter was born DURING HHC2007 in San Diego, and I still managed to make it to the conference for 30 minutes to pick up my packet of stuff and say hello. ;-)

I must've earned points with someone, but I'm not sure who...





but I'm not sure who...

With me, tall dude!

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