HP 50g in full-page newspaper ad


I just noticed a very large 50g in a full-page ad that Chevron is putting in college newspapers. The photo has been doctored (HP logo and 50g nomenclature removed and color slightly shifted to dark gray) but it's pretty unmistakable.

Was quite surprised to see an HP calculator so prominently displayed!



It isn't a 50g - it's missing the top row of soft keys. Does anyone know what it is?





Yep! They blocked out the HP Logo and the top row keys, so it does not exactly match an HP-50G. For the "trained" eyes (like ours) IT IS AN HP-50G.




Probably as a backhanded thank you to Hp for releasing the Hp33s!!!


Probably as a backhanded thank you to Hp for releasing the Hp33s!!!



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