I received an HP-33C in the mail... was only $33 on TOS. It was advertised as having a faulty switch. I didn't even test it before I disassembled it and cleaned and tightened the switches. It's in mint condition... not a scratch on it, seemingly unused feet, and absolutely no corrosion. It works perfectly. Yes!


Great find! So many Spices have issues with corrosion, broken battery contacts, bad keyboards, cracked cases etc, that it's hard to find one in good condition, especially at that price. Does yours have the soldered keyboard / circuit board? I've got one of each, and I'm constantly having problems with the non-soldered unit.

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Oops. I was so focused on getting the inner assembly out and gazing at it's perfect keypad that I didn't even notice. If I remember correctly, I guess I could weigh it.


If the first two digits of the serial number are 19 (1979) or lower, then almost certainly it is unsoldered, 21 (1981) or later soldered. If it is 20 (1980), then I've seen both types. Anyways, the feel of the soldered keyboard is totally different, much more refined with short, easy and very positive clicks.


It's SN 1943Aetc. And it has good heft to it, so it's probably unsoldered. Fortunately, it had absolutely no corrosion and appears to be functioning perfectly. Thanks!!!


The key travel is fairly long, and takes a firm press, but the click is perfect.


When brand new they work pretty well, but deteriorate with use. I had two in the late 1970's, an HP-32E and HP-34C, and they both lasted about a year with heavy work use before falling apart. Anyway, unless you use yours heavily, it should be good for quite some time. The best one I have is an HP-38E that appears to be practically new, complete in its box with all accessories.


In this condition? No, I won't use it all except to show it off in the collection. Not being an engineer, I rotate use from HP-25's (everyday simple math), to a 19C, and my 97 for taxes. Occasionally will use others just for fun, but not much heavy use. Onward to find a cheap 27S, 21S, and maybe, if I'm lucky, an affordable 70....


I'm not sure there is such a thing as "an affordable HP 70." There have been plenty of auctions this year, and all the nice ones have sold for over $500. There's a reserve auction going on right now, which is the first I've ever seen that includes the original printed manual, so I'd expect this auction to be no different.

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