hp 30b LCD Rainbow mark


When my new hp 30B is viewed at normal angles from a desktop I get a rainbow pattern in part of the display. It is much more dominant in lower light. In dim office light, the mark reduces to a gray darkened half circle. In bright light it sometimes is not visible. There is no visible crack or break in the display.

See pics at http://www.flickr.com/photos/28209719@N00/sets/72157624845312599/

It was an eBay buy, but the hp 30b was new in a sealed package. (4CY02400091) There was no visible damage to the package before it was opened.

Otherwise, the calculator works fine. The numbers are always visible, but sometimes the rainbow/gray area is annoying.

Is it a damaged LCD? Have others seen this on an hp 30B ?


You can get this effect on any LCD screen if you apply pressure directly to the screen. I wonder if the LCD on your 30b is somehow stressed by a warped case or something like that?


Yes, the LCD cover of the brand new 30b I had for a few days showed the same rainbow effect. The unit had not suffered any stress. It's a production/material design problem, similar to that of the early 49g units. Someone tried to save some money at the wrong place...


Had the same problem with my 30b. It is pretty much gone now.


Had the same problem with my 30b. It is pretty much gone now.

Yes, since the 30b is gone the problems also vanished.



Is it similar to this?


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