HP 30b full pdf manual


Anyone out there with a copy of the definitive HP30b pdf manual? Been searching in vain all over. Pl email it to me - shall be eternally grateful!


You may have searched all over, but certainly not here. Message #5 contains "the" link.



Tried it before posting - it seems to lead to the HP website page that does not have any support information on the 30b once I accept the terms listed on http://ftp.usa.hp.com/

Am I still missing something obvious?


When I clicked the FTP link in that other thread, I see a .welcome file and the PDF of the manual.

Looks like it is right there to me.


Use the ftp protocol, not http.



But if I use that address, I get a username and password request. Using the link Walter referred to, I get right in to the site where the manual can be downloaded.



Download HP 30b User's Guide [PDF] There is also the
HP 30b Learning Guides which are more application/practical oriented.

The web version of the learning modules is not really recommended for printing. I am not hot-linking the file, but you can find HP 30b Learning Modules [.zip] in pdf from hpcalc.org page.

hpcalc.org has both the files in PDF but not HP! :(

(at) Ujval If you are still having trouble, contact me. I will send it as an attachment or I could upload to some other public server :)

Edited: 16 Sept 2010, 12:51 p.m.


... you can find HP 30b Learning Modules [.zip] in pdf from hpcalc.org page.

Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for providing this link. PDFs are more convenient than the online pages.

Mediafire Link : HP 30b Learning Modules Combined PDFs (7.13 MB)[zip]

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