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Just started to use Emu48 to experiment with programs before loading them into the real calculator. I prefer the realistic skin.

Problem is, on my laptop (also on the auxiliary screen I use when at home or the office) with modern screen resolution, the realistic skin that came with the downloaded Emu48 is so tiny, I have to get close to the screen to read it! (About half size).

Has anyone found a larger realistic skin, or otherwise solved this problem?



You can find many different skins at hpcalc.org. There are several nice realistic skins there. I know that may of the skins come in verying resolutions.


Hi Martin,

Yes, you're right. The old skins delivered with Emu48 are getting too small on modern displays. Most of these one are created around the LCD Zoom 2 size.

I recently bought a 24'' monitor and the only satisfied resolution was the natural one of 1920x1080. And and this resolution the Zoom 2 size skins are still readable, but I agree, they should be larger. But the only way to get larger ones, is to write them. Best IMHO will be a skin based on the LCD Zoom 3 setting.

I don't know any realistic skins at the moment, which base on LCD Zoom 3 setting. Non realistic skins can be grabbed from the Emu48 Pocket PC project. Most of the skins for VGA or WVGA resolution are Zoom 3 ones.

Example for HP48SX and HP48GX:


Example for HP49G:


Writing new KML scripts is a highly time consumptive job. I recently rewrote a realistic Zoom 2 to a Zoom 3 skin of a Saturn based calculator, it took me about 2-3 hours.



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Thanks, Richard, Christoph.

Right now I am using 48SX_STD, by Leszek Ulman, which is at least the same shape and layout of the calculator, if not strictly realistic. And it is maybe 95% of full size on my laptop screen; 105% on my auxiliary screen, so size-wise a good compromise.


What if you downgrade the display resolution of your laptop? (Maybe not so good if you are switching around between a bunch of programs.)


What if you downgrade the display resolution of your laptop?
Yes, this could work for the duration of a session using the emulator.


No, 800x600 is the best (worst) I can get. Still way too small.


I don't know how I missed it before, but AK's HP48S/SX script By Arno Kuhl, found at hpcalc.org, is just what I was looking for.

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