Is there any trend to HP calc release dates?


Hello All,

In my quest for a new calculator, it's beginning to seem that for me to be comfortable with it RPN is the way to go. I've tried some of the excellent suggestions in the previous thread, but of those that I could find local to me the HP35s is the winner, though after using it for a while it's going to take me some time to get used to the keyboard layout as it's so differet to the HP32sii I'm used to.

With that said, I'll get used to it if I have to, but knowing my luck, when I buy one HP will release something better. Is there a general trend of when HP releases new calcs, near the conference time, back to school, holiday season, etc. I know that no one can really say for certain and judging how the 50g has been out for a while with no replacement, should we just think that we'll have the HP35s for a long while too?


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Just buy a new HP calculator and when HP releases a new one (soon after your purchase), sell the first calculator on TAS or Amazon. This way you can influence when new calculators come out, at a moderate cost to you. Of course you will have a wonderful prestige and respect on this web site. And there is NOTHING wrong with that!



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Wouldn't it be so funny if that did happen!


What Namir said. Only in my case I would keep the first one! To paraphrase a poster from an earlier thread: I believe in redundancy!

BTW, the best price I have been able to find recently is on Amazon (am I allowed to say that?) And the HP site has them for $50.99 with free shipping (but you have to pay tax).

I bought a third one recently because of all that I have been reading about flaky keyboards. I wanted a spare just in case one of my original 2 went nuts. Just FYI, I have never had a keyboard issue with either one!



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