Did I miss something durimg Labor Day Weekend?


Hello HP community,

I just returned from a trip to North Carolina and browsed that auction site with the "e"...

I found:

HP Charger 82026A $119.97

HP Charger 82002A $179.97

HP Charger 82041A $179.97

Was there a steep inflation during Labor Day? Was the exchange rate of the US dollar adjusted to the Mr. Hurd's severence package?

I plan to list this Saturday a working HP 34C - what Buy-It-Now price do you suggest?

1% severence pay?

Five times a TI-150?

Ten times a dumb power supply?

Have a good evening!



As far as this group goes, you did not miss much. Kinda quiet.

As far as the referenced auctions, the same seller has many wall chargers of all kinds for sale from $30 up.

I must have a fortune sitting in a box, with 40 or so chargers I've kept from all kinds of equipment that died. Anyone interested? (sorry, only 2 HP calculator ones, which I already sold. For about $20 each).



The Buddha would call these prices "an illusion", so relax, have some ice tea and enjoy life!




If you lived 46 years in Germany and move to the United States of America -------- you don't drink ice tea ;-))

The real thing is spelled:

b like beautiful

e like everyday

e like ease

r like relaxing




We built an entire economy on the presumption of rising real estate prices. Holland built an economy on rising tulip prices. Both turned out rather badly.

(In the US, but I don't know about other places, real estate is actually the *worst* long term investment. It loses money. All you have to do is go to the poor neighborhoods of any old city to discover that the houses of the rich of the past are now the houses of the present poor.)

Maybe this is a bit oblique, but I see similarities...


Hallo Jörg,

seems to be an international phenomenon. Look here. Didn't see much of c...n but there are successors definitively.


Those any many other fixed price BIN auctions have been around since the dawn of time, and those items rarely if ever sell. There is an infamous TAS BIN seller, whose name begins with the letter "C" whose listings have been on TAS for many years, and almost none have ever sold. I doubt that the actual selling prices of vintage calcs and accessories have changed much over the years, as the supply and demand remains fairly constant. The wall warts that you've listed are common as dirt, and I have bushel loads of them, the vast majority acquired along with the calculator itself. It will be a cold day in hell when I pay such absurd prices for such common items.


Hello Joerg!

Was there a steep inflation during Labor Day?

We didn't have Labor Day over here, but the German branch of our favourite auction site had the second "free weekend" (no fees for sellers) in a row. So "our" auction site is cluttered (or better: littered!) with similar inflationary offers. This really takes the fun out of it. I think I collect Rolex watches and Ferraris in the future, saves a lot of money!


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