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Hello all,

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I will attend to HHC 2010 and will have some holidays around HHC and I'd like to visit intersting things.

I will travel by car between Montréal and Fort Collins.

I already know interresting places:

Niagara Falls
Cedar Point (Roller coster park)
Rushmore mountains
NIST on Monday :)
Rocky mountain park
American Computer Museum in Montana (I have read that they have a replica of the antikytera artifact)

If you know other interesting places, just let me know.



Yellowstone Park in Montana and Wyoming.


Well, that might be a little out of the way, but if you go to Wyoming, the Tetons.


How much time do you have? Personally, I just enjoy sight-seeing along the way, no matter which way it is.

Vermont is unusual because it tends toward small businesses instead of the big box stores. I might be considered an oddball, since I think downtown Cleveland is beautiful. The Chicago skyline is fabulous! I would seek out dairy farms in Wisconsin, cornfields in Iowa and wind turbine fields in Nebraska.

Of course in Colorado, the Rockies...


I'd recommend you continue on to Zion, Bryce, and Grand Canyons.

Not that far from Fort Collins, after having gone all that way already.

I found Meteor Crator very interesting too.



I'd recommend you continue on to Zion, Bryce, and Grand Canyons.

I live near these, and certainly second DaveJ's nominations. The Grand Canyon should be first.

My wife and I talk occasionally about those things that are even better in person than you can possibly imagine. On our list: The Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, and the Fjords of Norway.

If you can get as far as Meteor Crater, let me know. I'm an astronomer and live only 40 miles away (and, in fact, the owner (Drew Barringer - the crater's other name: Barringer Crater) lives just a few hundred yards/meters from us!). I'd be glad to be a tour guide if it fits my schedule.


I have to disagree. Grand Canyon is one of those places that is lots of fun if you actually hike down into it. Just for looking though, Arches NP or Zion NP is much more interesting and fun.

Course, that is just my biased opinion and carries no real weight.



I have to disagree. Grand Canyon is one of those places that is lots of fun if you actually hike down into it. Just for looking though, Arches NP or Zion NP is much more interesting and fun.

I wouldn't disagree. Grand canyon is awesome in it's size, but others like Bryce and Zion are places you can easily get into and appreciate up close.

If you go to Zion and don't do the canyoning, then do the Angles Landing walk, it's pretty awesome.

On my whole world trip the place I took the most photos was Bryce canyon. Make of that what you will!



I concur. Try to reach the Grand Canyoun from the south, turn to the west and proceed to Zion from the south again. Most spectacular IIRC. Imagine when the Spanish first came to the south rim of the Grand Canyon - mierda, no way further north!

Death valley may be worth a detour as well. And ...

It all depends on the amount of time you have and the amount of miles you are willing to drive. And of your personal interests and hobbies, of course.


The Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Colorado is about 2.5 hours south of Ft Collins and one of the most memorable places I've ever seen. Well worth the trip.


Don't forget Pikes peak.



National Music Museum at the Univ of South Dakota


The Computer History Museum is a must see if you eventually make it across to Silicon Valley.



Not to hijack the thread :->, but I'm also in the US in October.
LA for about a week and then 10 days off.

The wife wants to go to the new Harry Potter world in Orlando, so we'll probably end up over there on the east coast.

Any other random recommendations for down that way?



Pima air museum in Arizona, and some oily beaches at the Gulf coast ;)


The Everglades.


Orlando isn't that far from Cape Canaveral. They have so much there to see and do you could easily spend a whole week there, alone! Very impressive - and totally geek friendly... ;o)


Dave, just to be clear, Cape Canaveral is where NASA is located so you can see and learn all sorts of things about the US space program.


Home of the
Kennedy Space Center.

Edited: 3 Sept 2010, 7:41 p.m.


Already been to the Kennedy Space center. Yes, very cool.



If you are going to be in lala land, when you get free you should see Yosemite - for 9 of those ten days. Or slightly less if you want to stay married. There are only a couple of places in the world with that kind of astounding unrelenting dizzying vertical relief; Torres del Paine in Patagonia, some gorge in the Himalaya i can't remember the name of, and the Ruth amphitheater on Denali - but that's half filled with ice. There will be people all over the valley but Muir's gentle wilderness starts just a few feet from every road and his range of light is 95% of the park.


There will be people all over the valley but Muir's gentle wilderness starts just a few feet from every road

In technical terms: the 1/e distance for the thinning out of the tourist crowd is about 100 meters from the nearest car-accessible point (except, perhaps, on the MOST popular of trails)!


Just visited Sequoia and Yosemite, went to Glacier point, what a vista. It has been a year of high snowfall and many minor waterfalls are magnificent. If there was ever a time to go, this is it. We added SFO, Monterey acquarium, LA and return to San Diego Sam


If you're going to Montana, you should go to Glacier National Park (they've shrunk, but are still there.) One of the best ways to enter Yellowstone National Park is via the Beartooth Pass (using the Beartooth Highway); it is a spectacular drive through the mountains. I used to recommend Yellowstone, but it's so crowded and built up ... the scenery is still spectacular. Go through that park and into the Tetons National Park next door, not really as crowded, and then south.

South Dakota's Badlands, Crazy Horse Memorial, Mt. Rushmore, and Devil's Tower are all close together and worth seeing.

The canyons are spectacular. The Grand Canyon is perhaps best by river; from ground level it's overwhelmingly huge, from the water it's eternal. The smaller ones are much more user-friendly and at maybe even more beauty-filled.

Of all of those, though, Jenny Lake in the Tetons is where I'd love to be, any day.


advice needed to visit USA

1) DON'T ;)

2) If you really must, watch Stephen Fry in America, driving through all the 50 states.

Make your choice then! ;)


I like the Top Gear US road trip!



Hello all,

Thanks guys for all the advices.

Actually, I am putting points on the maps to see what is possible

To be precise, I arrive in Montréal the 17 of septembre and go back to France the 7 of October.

So it is about 1 week before HHC and 2 little weeks after.

Thanks again



Perhaps the most important advice would be: don't try too much!

Unless you have another driver, you don't want to do more than perhaps 400-500 miles (700-800 km) a day (on days when you are not visiting anywhere). The Interstate highways allow high speed (65-70-75 MPH; 105-120 km/h) travel, but I find stayinhg alert while traveling that fast and that far wears me out by the end of the day.

Take the time to more fully explore some of the places we have suggested.


Hi Dave,

It is about what I was planning.

Meteor crater is very appealing, I will let you know if I make it or not.
If I visit Meteor Crater, I think it will be on 21 or 22 of September.



It might make more sense to fly from Montreal to Phoenix, AZ, and rent a car there, and drive north, or to Seattle, rent and drive through the Going to the Sun Pass and then south. One-way rental so you don't have to drive a loop.


A lot of people have suggested things that are nowhere near the route you will be taking, but if you're going to be going to the Rapid City area anyway (and presumably Badlands National Park), you could go a little bit farther west and see Devils Tower just across the border in Wyoming.

If you're willing to go out of your way and travel farther south, I second the suggestion of Pikes Peak, and if you keep going south you might want to see Great Sand Dunes and Mesa Verde, but by the time you are at Mesa Verde you're halfway to the Grand Canyon, and might as well keep on going (but that will be hard to properly do in just a couple weeks).

If you're serious about making it out to Bozeman, definitely go a bit farther north to Glacier, and then go back into Canada so you can see Banff, Jasper, and Yoho. But doing all that would probably have to be done separately from the above paragraph -- you simply don't have enough time.

But thinking about your route and what you have listed, most of those are right on your way and are no-brainers. Bozeman and Rapid City are the only ones that are not, but Rapid City isn't that far out of the way (maybe even stop by the corn palace in Mitchell on your way there!), and Bozeman would make sense if you are planning a northern loop on your return trip.


If one travels southwest from, say, the Yellowstone and Teton parks, on Interstate 15 toward the Grand Canyon, the interesting Mountain Meadows site will be found a few miles southwest of Cedar City, Utah. That was another tragic 9/11 event, in 1857.

Edited: 6 Sept 2010, 3:04 p.m.


Hoover Dam is a must see. Very impressive. Take the tour for sure. And of course, Las Vegas.


If you're in Utah, Monument Valley is most impressive. There is way too much to see in the West in a couple of weeks. I've lived in Montana and Wyoming for 45 years and alot I have not seen. The plains Indian museum in Cody, Wyoming is world class if that is your thing.

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