Estate sale calculators


I see that someone is selling calculators from a lot of 40 they bought at an estate sale. Thoughts: 1. Did we lose one of our community's collectors? 2. Make sure to tell family not to sell all of our calculators at once at an estate sale!


I don't know about you, but I'm taking my calculators with me. I've got "my people" working on a pyramid in my back yard as I write this :)


Now, is that the best of each model, or does it include all the duplicates? Do HP's break in the after-life?


Now we'll hear tales of 15c batteries lasting 2,000 years!


I'm counting on pyramid power to preserve both the calculators and the batteries. So I don't really need the duplicates ...... well, .... maybe just a few.

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Not sure how secure a Pyramid is. Pharaoh Ramses II had his beautiful collection of HP-67, HP-41, and HP-15C (here HP stands for Holy Pharaoh) ALL stolen by grave robbers (actually was my greet great great .... great great uncle Ali Baba and his 40 thieves)!!!




AFAIK, that theft was only possible due to the fact that twice the base length divided by the height of this pyramid deviates from pi by 4E-4 after the plaster cover was washed down in the great Egyptian flooding of 1123 B.C. <<8-)>

So thereafter, pyramid power broke down to minimum, i.e. ppm.

Edited: 31 Aug 2010, 6:07 a.m.

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