New HP calc coming???


Hi collectors out there,

don´t you think that it´s time for a new HP calculator? I am waiting since years for it, but please not again a large siced one like HP48 and not something like HP-6s. I think about a mix of HP-15C, 42S and time functions...

Does anyone know wether something like this is coming up???




Go to and click on the link labeled:

"People wanted for new HP advertising campaign"

Sounds like something's in the works . . .


I could imagine another woodstock with even more functions. It should be make to last like the original. The hard part is a lcd graphing ability, but HJP can do anything.


I'd love to see HP give us the rugged construction and looks of the HP67, with updated innards (more continuous memory, maybe one or two line LCD display to reduce power consumption). Sort of a merging of the Classics and the 41 (heck, maybe with built in card reader??). I could still use something like that away from the desk. When I need to do really serious matrix math, I use MATLAB on a PC. For regular number crunching, I love the keystroke programmability of the 67 and 41!! I wonder if a group consensus could be presented to HP???


Well, what should it be....? HP is aiming at Education market.... Need Low Cost, flashy colors for marketing.... Maybe a CE device like Casio's new offering... Maybe an RPN unit with modified HP-42S functionality in packaging & size like 6S... (Not, no market size for technical details like RPN & programming features)... Need a portable computing system which can complement a PC based system


This is the first time I see some people thinking REASONABLY about this subject. Each time the matter shows up in somp.sys.hp48, it gives me a laugh (multicolour displays, QWERTY keys, super-high-speed connections and so on). My wishes? A predecessor to the 41. No such big display like the HP-48, but more speed and extendability (though I fear that modern times will never allow the 41's spectrum of devices again...)


READ THIS CORVALLIS: if i had my 'druthers, i would like to see another 42S come out, except this one would have 128K (AT LEAST), 2-way communication (like the 48), a clock, and it would have this "unit" that came with it which would would communicate with the calc via IR. This unit would have ROM ports (like the 41), the 82240B printer built in, an IR PC interface, (maybe even a card reader) and, oh, let's say about 8 meg storage capacity. Basically, it would be similar to the 41 IL system in one neat, very little package. The unit would be about the size of the 82240B printer, so it would be very compact, and since it would communicate via IR, you wouldn't lose the most-important thing: shirt pocketability. (Yes, we have the technology for this sort of thing.) Oh, and one more thing. The new 42S would have to be SCREWED together (not heat staked) so that us die hard hp lovers could hot-rod our babies! what's the new 42S going to be called? (drum roll please...) why, the HP 42SII, of course!!!!! (ha ha ha ha ha )

But this is just what i want.....


Wow that "unit" is a cool Idea. I'll take one. What is the part # 82240C+XM ??? Only one thing I would change. Instead of a card reader I would have a compact flash reader to store programs and data.

I would also like to see a couple of things on the 42SII: first It should have upgradeable memory. Next it should have user programable keys and a slot cut for keyboard overlays. With that it could become whatever calculator you wanted it to be (16c, 17b, 19bII, VCR Plus,Franklin REX, ect.). OOPs I guess I'll have to add time functions to make those work.



what else could be a good idea? I think: bringing alpha keys back to the keyboard of the 42SII (like on 41). The idea of another housing technology sounds fine.. I hate the noise those newer HP´s do if you take them into your hand (caused by bad housing technology...)



thanks--i forgot about the user keys. the 42s has a function for a custom menu, but, yeah, it would be more familiar with assignable keys and an overlays. you think anyone in corvallis is reading this?


They ain't in Corvalis no more Dorothy... They are down under I believe


> They ain't in Corvalis no more Dorothy...

> They are down under I believe

Yeah mate, I rekon they're out the back o' Bourke (and that's bloody near beyond the black stump) slingin a cupla prawns on the barbie an suckin on more than a few cold tubes while the shelas are havin a good chin wag.

As they get pissed as newts they'll design the new calculator on the back of a packet of snags. They'll rekun that no bludger will part with a brass razoo if it doesn't have a BEER button. And something do figure out a good excuse when you get home to the missus after a night at the pub. Jeez, it needs to stay sober even if you're not!

And that means waterproof. Especially if you have an accident while you're on the big white telephone. And tough enough to chuck in the back of the ute.

And in a flash of alcohol induced insight they'll see that it needs to KNOW how drunk you are, so that as you get more and more drunk, more and more buttons automatically assign themselves to the "get key in door", and "make a reasonable excuse" functions, and the IR detector has to decide whether you're in front of the door or the missus. (Because the door's not listening to the excuses, and the missus isn't going to let you stick anything into her in that state).

And it needs to have a permanent link to the internet to monitor prices so you can get the missus to get things as cheap as she can, to make sure there's plenty of money left over for BEER (and calculators)

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