Opening a printer- collecting vs. using.


Today I just got a NIB 82240a printer. I got it for about 1/3 of what i would pay for a new b series- and less than what I'd pay for a b series used on ebay.

The serial number is: 2910s10022

Now, I did buy this to use, but seeing the condition of the box with the serial numbered hp paper and shrinkwrapped batteries, I'm a bit leery of just popping off and using it.

I *do* use all my claculators and am not generally worried about this NIB thing, but I could change my tune. Especially if this HP calculator collecting craze doesn't die down.

Anyone know the production runs of this printer?



No, but I seem to have discovered the resemblance between the 82240 printers and the HP-56 design model (, I think this historical connection could be used somehow to increase the value of the printers as collector's items. It could also form the basis of a light entertainment ghost-story movie, maybe starring the Olsen twins (if they're not too old for that sort of thing).

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