Unit conversion on the 50G


Does anyone know an easier method for converting units on the 50G? Here is the process I have found thus far:

Enter the first number

select orange "units"

select correct unit (say, degrees C)

Enter a 1

select the second unit (to convert to say, degrees F)

Press white "convert"

-> Units -> tools -> convert

Coming from the 41, I find this a little bit of a challenge for a fairly simple process. And I haven't even tried variations of units such as hogsheads per fortnight!

Does anyone know of an easier method to do this? Am I doing this correctly?


Do it the plain old HP48 way.

- make sure you use RPN mode

- use Soft MENU rather than CHOOSE boxes (flag 117)

and then:

- select orange "units"

- press NXT then soft key F6 (labeled TEMP)

- enter a 1

- press soft key F1 (labeled °C)

- press left (white) shift, then soft key F2 (labeled °F)

and you get the converted temperature 33.8_°F

Hope that helps,




I think the fastest way is through menu instead of choose boxes.

First, set flag -117 (your way)


1 - enter first number

2 - press [orange][UNITS]

3 - choose and press softkey for 'origin' unit

4 - locate 'destination' unit

5 - press [white] [destination unit softkey]

You´ll press less keys, though you must be in menu mode instead of choose boxes (I prefer so).

Hope this helps.

Luiz (Brazil)

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