Demo version of HP-41X Extended MicroCode Emulator is available for download!



Just scroll to the bottom of the page for download ...


Thank you!



Hi, HrastProgrammer;

thanks for sharing the valuable info.

I'm contacting you soon, cause there is a lot more to be cleared over the HW machine.




Mayn thanks for sharing your very nice HP-41 emulator with us. I'll sure buy the full version once it's available. Keep up the good work!

Best Regards from Switzerland


There is a new demo version of HP-41X on my homepage ( with more features than previous one.
CCD ROM, HEPAX and ZENROM modules are not provided and the whole data/program memory is cleared every time the emulator is started (port memory is left intact) but all other features from the final version are present.

Best regards.


Details on how to get it are on my homepage <>. Just scroll to the bottom of the page ...

Best regards.


Your web page says this for the 49G. Will it work in a 48GX? If not, do you have any plans to port it to the 48?


This version doesn't work on a 48 but Hrast just ordered a couple of them to see if the port is feasible.

Stay tuned!


The HP-48GX version is on the run. In fact, there are just a few things to be ported ... expect to see a demo for HP-48GX in a week or two. I am very busy at the moment ...


Great! I'm looking forward to it.


Demo version is available for download from <> ...

You will need at least one 128K free memory card (installed in slot 1) in order to install and use the emulator. If you have a memory card in slot 2 then HP-41X can be installed into a covered port, too.


A really good job Ž... sorry, HrastProgrammer ;)

After testing the full RC version during last week I can say that I found no serious bug (actually I found no bug at all).
It is indeed a very usable and stable 41C "emulator"; the only drawback is about the keyboard: it takes a little to get used to the remapping...

This library perfectly mimics the original and improves on it in many ways (i.e. the possibility to load much more ROMs) this way you won't miss neither the time module nor ED. I love the way printer and card reader are implemented.

This thing is much faster than a real 41 but when speed could be a concern (i.e. a CATalog display) Hrast slowed it down to match the original.

Having 3391 registers available is disconcerting at first and if you add the Hepax module to this...

I think that all we nostalgic 41 users should thank you: we are now waiting for a 48GX version to have the perfect hardware for this masterpiece ;)



I have made a keyboard map for the 41X which is about 95% correct. Actually it is from Hrast Programmers previous 41 emulators. The only obvious errors are on the "Enter" keys shifted alpha characters. If anyone would like it I would be happy to send it.
Yellow - unshifted key actions
White - shifted key actions
Red - a combination of shifted and unshifted alpha assignments
Dale Richmond

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