Identifying equations on HP 35s


Is there a way to add a title to the upper display register so it will show an easily identifiable title of the equation, while the lower display register will show the actual equation? I searched the Hp 35s manual but didnt see the answer to this question. Thanks for any help i may receive.



Hi Richard, yes you can do it. First add the equation in the list and then add a second equation just above the first one. The second equation will be the title that you can create usign the combination RCL + letter. You can compose any text.

For example, in the equation list you can create the next two equations. The first equation will be the "real" one and the second equation will be the title:

upper line: AREA CIRCLE        (PRESS: RCL + R/S, RCL + 7 ...)
lower line: PIxR^2

Edited: 10 Aug 2010, 5:10 a.m.


That's brilliant! I was thinking this couldn't be done and I do have several equations that are similar looking which I'd like to distinguish.




considering that the HP35S has memory enough to be used this way, I think this is worth doing. Also, HP33S users might take advantage over this tip.


Luiz (Brazil)


Thanks for the help!!

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