Homebrew graphing calculator


Since this is all homebrew, I wonder if it's worth whipping up an RPN version of the software? A little pricey, but seems to provide a lot of functionality...


Has anyone played with this unit at all?




It's nothing more than an ARM-based Linux handheld. I've had multiple over the years and you can get them cheap on eBay. Sharp and Nokia have been providing Linux/ARM handhelds for years. And you can probably run 'R' on any of them. You can also run nonpareil, free42, and x48.

IMHO, this project lacks imagination and is not very practical. If I want a backlit, ARM-based, battery draining device that can also function as a calculator, then I'd take my pick of any of the Android or Apple Phones/PDAs/PMPs.

I think we have all hashed this out over and over, but a proper calculator should have:

  1. Buttons, for speed, accuracy, and ease of use.
  2. Reliability. E.g. Power on when needed (incredible battery life) and use off the shelf batteries.


indeed. i'd say it has to have a keyboard to count. otherwise you could just run a virtual calculator on a phone.


And from the sound of it it doesn't have a CAS, so I don't see how it could replace the TI89/HP50g.


I'm not so sure buttons are required. At least not hard buttons.

I wrote a calculator program (not even RPN) and sold over 10,000 copies of it for the Palm. It has soft buttons.

I love gadgets... especially electronic gadgets. I have a house full of single board computers. :-) Or should that be :-(

I just ordered two of these. One the one shown in the photo and the other that is the MegaPalm. The one difference between these platforms and a phone device, is the ease of access to development tools AND the ability to easily add hardware.

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