is the 32SII really gone?


There's *one* at the university bookstore, for a little less than the ebay auctions. (I asked, they don't appear to be getting more, but can't be sure)

Of course, is it worth buying it rather than one of the older production 32SIIs used? (quality of production vs ebay)

I haven't seen it for sale anywhere else locally- and this is a UC campus area. On line, I've seen similar prices (basically about $60-70 after shipping). Most of the places online that I'm getting search results for don't even have them in stock....



I just ordered one (5/2/2002) through Yahoo! Shopping, from Interdiscount Mall for $59.95 plus shipping.

Gotta have a RPN backup if my 42S ever dies...



Yeah, I bought the one here at the bookstore. I can't justify it for a backup- I've got a 48s and 49g on the way, and i'm using my 28c. But I'd *hate* to have to pay $100 for one in a couple years.

And sometimes, you can't use a "programmable" but can get away with a "scientific".

(For the rare tests where I am limited to a 4 banger, I have my trusty computex mark V with 4 C type batteries).

I do wonder how long they will last, and how high the price is going to go.



It will take awhile for the "Glut" to be absorbed I would think. I had a few new ones laying around and still bought a few more, now I have too many really for personal use and probably need to sell a few at cost, most the older ones I will keep most likely, some are not in box. One report indicated one place sold 500 new ones at once. My forecast is for NOS of the original 32sII to be up to or over 100$ by year end, while new recolored ones in plastic package will be maybe 70-80. $200 for original NOS is possible in a couple years perhaps.

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