TI-30 durability testing (slightly off topic, BTW).


I've ended up with WAY too many TI-30's that have been in boxes of old calculators that I have bought for the other models. (My definition of Way too many is more than 3...) I know they've been used for various interesting purposes, such as "packing material" for HP calculators. I would like to perform some "durability tests", and would like some input on this. I know they don't stand up to every-day use very well, but I still want to give them a chance. I'm thinking I might even get around to photographing these tests. My ideas so far: running over with car, bullet resistance, dissolvability in acetone, and surviving a fall from a tall building. Oh, and there's fire resistance and blending ability. Any other ideas?


Video this: Testing if it will survive lying on top of a jar of glass containing zinc powder and sulfur powder with a Bunzen burner heating the jar from below... until the jar cracks.


Suitable for calculator testing


That was highly entertaining...science can be fun.


The problem with that washer is the brick(s) were in the wrong place.

I once had a front loader, and was it ever heavy. When I had to repair it, I found out why: It had large blocks of concrete bolted inside, just to add dead weight, so it would not vibrate so badly.

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