New versions of Emu28 and Emu48 available


New versions of Emu28 v1.21 and Emu48 v1.50 are available at

Emu28 v1.21 is a hotfix release. I recognized that the checksum correction for ROM patches (like the BEEP patch) modified wrong addresses assuming that these are the ROM checksum addresses. The assumed byte at each end of the four pages is code. I confirmed this on the first two pages. Because nobody was able to tell me, where are the four checksum addresses for the ROM 1BB and 1CC are, I disabled the checksum correction for ROM patches.

To avoid a ROM checksum fail during the self test with the BEEP patch, I modified the BEEP.28C file adjusting the checksum in the skin archive.

Emu48 v1.50 mainly is a source code fix version. Now the document file of a x64 compiled version is compatible with the IA32 (Win32) version. The WinXP common control styles are now also enabled in versions generated with VS2005, VS2008 and VS2010. The new MS VS2010 compiler has a strange bug in the code optimizer. The release versions of Emu48 v1.49 and earlier created with VS2010 aren't working.

The Emu28 v1.21 and Emu48 v1.50 sources have a workaround for this problem (hopefully the only one). The Emu42 v1.12 source still has this problem. Both Emu28 and Emu48 are still compiled with the old VC6 compiler.




Note: Be aware of the "loose" "lose" confusion in your pages :)


Ops, TNX.


No problem with this and other minor spelling and grammar slips. Most importantly, Emu48 rocks! Thanks, Christoph, for this new version!

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