HP-71b DTH$() and HTD() commands


I am curious about the background of these commands to convert between decimal and 5-digit hex values. What's so special about 5-digit hex values? Does it have anything to do with importing machine code into the 71b?


Hi Don

Assumption: 71B addresses are 20 bit -> 5 nybbles. The 71B Peek and Poke

commands use 5 nybble addresses.

Also Forth is 20 bit based, probably also due to the 20 bit 'A' field in the working registers.




There are five HEX digits in the highest memory address in the HP-71B, .... FFFFF(HEX)=1048575(10).


Thanks Raymund and John. I wasn't aware of the address space on the 71b, and now these commands make some sense.

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