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I know this is dumb, BUT for the life of me, I can't seem to get the search tool to find old posts.

I know they are there, as I try to find ones my myself and I can't find them. Arghh!

Any tips?

I am seeking repair advice in a HP 10 printer.


Maybe this?

Found with this.


Found with this.

Or more specifically with this.


Ok, Ok,

so I know Google works. why does the Forum's search NOT work?


I can't seem to get the search tool to find old posts.

I am seeking repair advice in a HP 10 printer.

Sorry, I thought your second statement were more relevant so I completely ignored the first one. Well, I cannot get the Museum's search tool to find what I want either. Not a problem though, as other search engines do the job...




Same issue here.

The forum should just do away with its own search and add a Google search box.



Museum search works here as usual. I.e. go here and

  1. click on the archive you are interested in - e.g. #19.
  2. Then click Search, and enter your search pattern - e.g.
    List: Only messages containing All of the following keywords: HP-10 printer repair.
  3. Click View Message Index and you'll get what you want.
I agree it's tedious to search each and every archive separately. Seems it was meant to work differently. Anyway, this may be fixed pretty easily by making more entries on the search page "sticky" and adding at least a button "go to previous archive". More comfortable solutions are possible, of course. And I understand not everybody wants Google to know everything.

Edited: 23 July 2010, 2:27 a.m.

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