exponential function on hp 12 c?


My hp is an 'oldie' and the keys are significantly worn. Is there a key to raise a number to a power?




My hp is an 'oldie' and the keys are significantly worn. Is there a key to raise a number to a power?

y^x is on the second button from the top, leftmost column.

See (print?) this museum picture for reference HP 12C picture.


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On second thoughts, were the main functions these keys not made with the double shot injection molding technique? This means that the key legends should never wear off?


On newer Chinese (and probably Indonesian) made HP-12C calculators the labels are silkscreened then the keys are sprayed with a clear matt coat that is somewhat resistant to rubbing. They do wear out after long and intensive use.


Gene, how about a pic of a worn 12c? Folks here would like to see that.


Yep, I'm curious, too.

Not that any of us is wondering if it is a troll catch, just that it is so unusual that deserves an image.



Luiz (Brazil)

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